Sunday School 9:15am | Worship 10:30am


Adult Discipleship Studies

We currently have two Adult Discipleship Studies that begin at 9:15 on Sunday morning.
Our current adult studies are:

Christianity: The First 500 Years
Led by Jamie Mosley and Josh Hayes

Who are we and where did we come from? This basic question of life applies also to the church of Jesus Christ. In this study, we will consider the earliest centuries of Christianity and how the church came to maintain and develop its most definitive beliefs, doctrines that Christians worldwide continue to confess to this day, such as the deity and humanity of Christ, the Trinity, and the recognized books of the biblical canon. Of special concern will not only be early heresies that threatened the gospel but also pivotal figures like Justin Martyr, Origen, Athanasius, Jerome, the Cappadocian Fathers, and Augustine.

The Book of Romans (Chapters 8-16)
Led by Stephen Carlson

This class is an in-depth study of the Book of Romans. In addition to working through the book on a verse-by-verse basis, other aspects of the study include the historical background of the book, Paul's purposes in writing Romans, and the book's major theological themes. This study is the second of a two-part study and will cover chapters 8-16.